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The average number of new infections reported in Morocco has been increasing for 12 days straight

Average number of new infections reported each day in French Polynesia rises by more than 220 over the last 3 weeks, 51% of its previous peak

Bangladesh passes 400,000 reported COVID-19 infections

About this data

Reuters is collecting daily COVID-19 infections and deaths data for 240 countries and territories around the world, updated regularly throughout each day.

Every country reports those figures a little differently and, inevitably, misses undiagnosed infections and deaths. With this project we are focusing on the trends within countries as they try to contain the virus’ spread, whether they are approaching or past peak infection rates, or if they are seeing a resurgence of infections or deaths.

Global daily statistics

COVID-19 infections are still rising in 77 countries. There have been at least 43,055,000 reported infections and 1,154,000 reported deaths caused by the new coronavirus so far.

New reported infections
Countries reporting the most new infections each day *

* Latest 7-day average reported

average increasing over last 2 weeks

average decreasing over last 2 weeks

Reported deaths
Countries reporting the most deaths each day *

* Latest 7-day average reported

average increasing over last 2 weeks

average decreasing over last 2 weeks

Who’s at the peak?

COVID-19 has hit some countries far harder than others, though differences in the way infections are counted locally make it impossible to make a perfect apples-to-apples comparison.

We want to know where infections are trending up or down relative to the size of the outbreak in each country. So in these charts we use a rolling 7-day average of the new infections countries report each day and compare where that average is now to where it was at its peak.

The percent of that peak a country currently reports gives us a better idea of how far it is from containing the spread of the virus relative to the worst days of its outbreak.

What you need to know

These charts emphasize the countries that are in the worst stage of their outbreaks, rather than the ones that are reporting the most infections. Keep in mind that the comparison will be affected if a country changes the way it reports or counts COVID-19 infections. Changing the count may mean the peak point of comparison would have been higher or lower if the country reported infections then the way it does now.

New infections reported by region

Of every 100 infections last reported around the world, more than 26 were reported from countries in Asia and the Middle East. The region is reporting a million new infections about every 10 days and has reported more than 13,186,000 since the pandemic began.


*Shows rolling 7-day average reported

Countries nearest the peak of their infection curve

Average infections increasing over the last 2 weeks

... decreasing over the last 2 weeks

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